Food & Drink

Our menu is small and seasonal. All our food is cooked to order and the menu changes everyday to fit in with what we can source from local suppliers, dig out of our vegetable patch or forage from the wild hedgerows or seashores nearby.

Sussex and the south coast offer an abundance of top quality produce and, wherever possible, all ingredients are sourced within the British Isles, from small independent producers who are honest, excited and passionate about their trades.

Home made sloe gin, mulled wine and Pimm’s are available in season, together with well kept real ales, an ecclectic wine list and farm fruit juices.

We recycle glass, cardboard, tins and plastic, and vegetable peelings are either fed to the chickens or composted.  We collect rainwater to water the garden and encourage the locals to bring their home grown produce for the kitchen and their used jars and fabric off-cuts to package our jams.